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 Why bother?

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PostSubject: Why bother?   Sat Mar 01, 2008 6:02 pm

Dunno why I did..
Its been blowing a sheer hoolie and when I popped the dog out for a normal walk, past the stables and paddocks, half the horses water buckets had ended up in the ditch/dyke which is at least 6ft deep, and I wasnt going in their to scoop them out! So as a sweet gesture, went to the front house knocked and waited, and waited. Some stroppy BOAB bloke eventually came to the door, and I mentioned the problem and located the area in which to retrieve the water buckets. He gave me such a look of distain, that i truly wish Ru had taken hold of his nether regions and played tugsy with it. Christ, only trying to be helpful...you would have thought I gone round with the plague or something. So much for community spirit..
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PostSubject: Re: Why bother?   Mon Mar 03, 2008 2:48 am

I know how annoying it can be when you try to help and it gets shoved back in your face.......unfortunately, you me and a lot of people I know will just keep on doing it and trying to help........

There are some miserable, ungrateful so and so's in this world

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Why bother?
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